Dogo Argentino Yanni House Arman,Rodezian Rigebag, photos, hunting, puppies, exhibitions... .
Аргентинский дог Янни Хаус Арман. Так же Родезийский Риджбек, охота, выставки, фотографии.

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Yanni House Arman - one of the representative of breed. He was born on February, 13-th, 2002 in kennel Yanni House.
At present titles - the Champion of Russia (6*CAC), Champion RFSS, Champion RFLS. The best junior breeds - 4 times. The best puppy NKP of 2002. Also have passed rates-OKD, ZKS-1. As we try to be engaged skijoring.
In October, 2004 from Arman were born remarkable pupies - 7 pieces (4 girls and 3 boys). Their photos you can see in section "Puppies"...


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