History Dogo Argentino

Attempt precisely to restore an origin of the breed is often follow to the puzzle starting endless disputes. The history of the Dogo Argentino includes elements of a legend and deeply taken roots representations. About this dog speak, that it is obliged by the existence to persistence of the unique person, doctor Agustin Nores Martinez, which has created it in the beginning of XX century. In Argentina mastiffs existed from the beginning of XVI century when conquistadors began to apply them to struggle against local population. Then they have begun to cross them to Bulldog, Bull terrier, the Boxer and mastiffs from Cordoba for giving of more frightening kind by them.

In the beginning of XX century, the university senior lecturer, professor Antonio Nores Martinez, begins to show a big interest to this strong and courageous dog. The future founder of breed was first of all the skilled hunter. And when "hunter" is spoken, it is necessary to imagine the hunter of Argentina of the beginning of century, this practically virgin ground with its boundless open spaces where the hunting experience rather often borders on the danger and adventures. From trophy, which this part of New Light gives to the hunter, the most prestigious, certainly, considers the puma, "queen" of the American cats.

His dream to create a working dog that would allow hunting on the puma and wild boar in pampa. The dog for hunting, which will has got a good scent and at the same time has got an inborn propensity to bring trophy. Besides the dog should be adapted to a rigorous environment of the country and does not has any more unnecessary aggression native mastiff. At last the dog should be the average sizes that let it quickly move on a mountainousness areas, and white color that easily could be distinguished in pampa. So, professor Antonio Nores Martinez has taken old fighting dogs of Cordoba as a basis on which it is possible to create the new dog, capable to fight with the puma and to win.

Though the first standard was established in 1928, but only in the beginning of the sixtieth years it was possible to speak that breed was really stabilized. Its first official recognition FCI was held in 1964. The international experts without any doubts have included new breed in II Group together with others molossians dogs. But Argentineans were not satisfied with it fully. They began to insist on typically hunting qualities of the Dogo Argentino. For some period of time they have achieved that the breed was registered among hounds where Dogo Argentino was unique molossian dog in this group and was distinguished by its not typicalness. It was liberal decision that put traditional morphological attributes on the second plan, emphasizing the working qualities of the breed. Nevertheless, further the Dogo Argentino again has returned to the big molossian family of the dogs (Group II). For today it is the first and unique breed of the Argentina origin.

The statement of the breed in the world had rather limited character. So in Europe the Dogo Argentino has appeared only in the seventieth years with import of several dogs from Argentina. During some time the breed was known only to a small number of experts and it is absolutely unknown to general public. But later it quickly began to become more popular. The real success this breed has got in Holland and Germany. So German amateurs train their Dogo Argentinos under the general program "schutzhund" and will carry out the tests similar to check of temperament Fila Braziliero.

International confirmation of Dogo Argentino occurred slowly and till now it is still rather limited. It is possible to tell that only in Germany and Holland the breed has reached a real success.

Now Dogo Argentinos are popular in Spain and Austria. Many known professional kennels are in Italy: " de Indios "," de Vianini "," de Falchi Bianchi "," Della Mezzaluna ". The big popularity was got by the Dogo Argentino in the East Europe, especial in Hungary where for a long time like and appreciate this breed. Dogs of the Hungarian cultivation repeatedly became champions of different large exhibitions: kennels "de Los Diavolos", "Boriencuen", and "de el Monte". Known enough foundation stock in Czechia, Poland. But certainly on the first place both on a foundation stock and on cultivation there is Argentina where the Dogo Argentino is not simply typy dog. It is national pride and national property. There are largest kennels like "De Agallas", "de Urumpta", "de el Tumi", "de Coatro Soles" on the native land of cultivation. It is necessary to add, that Argentineans very unwillingly sell the puppies abroad, therefore to import a good dog difficultly enough. At club monobreed exhibitions of the Dogo Argentino often gathers up to 500 dogs, therefore the title "champion of club" or "champion of Argentina" is appreciated very highly.

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